Think of a place in which you can enjoy mild weather, crazy festivals, amazingly delicious food, hundreds of outdoor activities, diversity of culture and geography and world class health care. Spain grants you all of these and much more…

Spain is a paradise of socializing, culture and good health. With its warm climate, you can enjoy beaches and beautiful countryside throughout the year. Though the hot weather may overwhelm you the sweet sea breeze will cool you off. Winters in the south means shirt-sleeve weather and you always have the chance to enjoy four seasons in other regions. Pick whatever climate you want, unless you like year-round snow it is likely that you will find it in Spain. Spain is perfectly diverse with beaches, mountains and wide plains. It’s a country of great contrasts, from the cosmopolitan cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia to calm and little villages high in Andalusian Hills. Culture is very diverse either. Spain is formed by several separate kingdoms which creates regional differences. They all feel pleasantly different, they each have their own language and customs even though Spanish is spoken everywhere in the country. Visiting one of them may make you feel like you are visiting another country. Spain’s rich culture is a feast for the senses with lively flamenco music, striking architecture and art and delicious Mediterranean cuisine full of fresh vegetables, fish and olive oil gives you the opportunity of being healthy while enjoying a great meal. Life is good with the time taken to enjoy life’s pleasures. Spaniards work, on average, 35 hours a week and granted many paid vacations. This also means that time off of work is spent with family and friends. People stroll the streets in the evenings, enjoying the long nights chatting with friends at charming outdoor cafes. Mid-day siestas provide the ideal time to connect with friends and family and to savor good food. It’s easy to enjoy quality conversations with friendly locals but once you are invited into a Spaniard’s home you’ll get the feeling of being home because most probably you will be treated like family. Spain is the land of fiestas and festivals. In every place in Spain either a small town or a cosmopolitan city, there is a festival of some kind which gets everyone out on the streets partying with others. From fireworks to music, flamenco and wine festivals there are hundreds of these festivals.

Finally lifestyle is very affordable. You can find bargain property throughout the country with no heating costs thanks to warm climate. Excellent public transportation means you don’t need a car. You can get extraordinarily good health services either public (with a residence visa) or private.

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