Residence in Hong Kong

Important Message:

The Government has announced that the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme would be suspended with effect from 15 January 2015 until further notice. This page will be updated accordingly with further steps or alternative options.

Business Investment Visa –  Criteria

Business Investment Visas are routinely granted to qualifying applicants and often are processed in approximately two to three months.

The Approvability Test – substantial benefit to the economy of Hong Kong as a whole

In its barest sense, the Business Investment Visa approvability test is often passed by virtue of being able to demonstrate to the Immigration Department that a suitable business vehicle will be created, local jobs will be created through implementation of the investment activities, that local vendors and suppliers will be utilized in the planned commercial activities, that the overall industry within which the investment activities are undertaken will be advantaged in some discernible way and that in the medium to long term the investment activities will result in the presence of a sound business entity.

This can take the form of a Limited Liability Company formed in Hong Kong or registration of a foreign corporation under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. Sole proprietorships and partnerships are not usually acceptable.